We are a Real Estate Brokerage, Consulting and Analytics firm with a wide spectrum of advisory services aimed at developing and implementing innovative and practical real estate strategies that are tailored to each client’s specific initiatives. We have an extensive track record for increasing property performance, enhancing value and maximizing profitability. For over a decade, we have provided responsive and reliable consulting services and played a critical role in shaping how our clients view and manage real estate. Our clients are owners, users, investors and invested third parties, corporations as well as individuals.

Our mission is simple and clear: we analyze and leverage context-specific data in order to provide our clients with knowledge, recommendations and tools necessary to make improved real estate decisions.

Katalina is diligent, conscientious, hardworking and a strong negotiator. Her persistence and experience have been instrumental in assisting us as we navigate through the planning and permitting processes with the City of Los Angeles
John Fleck, LILA, President


bar_chartA firm’s approach to real estate plays a significant role in the company’s overall financial health. Improved efficiency and greater profit margins are a direct result of sound real estate strategies. We apply our industry knowledge and business expertise to help your firm maximize the value, profitability and performance of its real estate holdings through evaluation and implementation of structured and consistent solutions in line with the strategic vision of your organization.


userReal estate investment markets are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse. As a result, investors are demanding timely information and nimble strategies that not only preserve the value of their investments but also help outperform the market. We assess the current portfolio and develop an investment plan based on the investor’s risk tolerances, return objectives, capital structures, diversification requirements and performance benchmarks.


usersWe support and add value to the work of other real estate, legal and finance services professionals by providing analysis, strategic planning and direction regarding market and demographic information, acquisition and financial structure, lease reviews, property evaluations, value enhancement, negotiation support, due-diligence and feasibility studies as well as identification and critical analysis of proposed investment strategies


userWhether our clients are buying or selling their primary residence, their second home or relocating across town, we are dedicated to providing the most positive real estate experience. Through personalized, professional and friendly service we help fulfill the dream of home ownership.