Relocation Consulting

Improvements in technology as well as fluctuations in the economy fiscal policies are forcing significant changes in commercial real estate. E-commerce has transformed the way consumers shop, therefore impacting the real estate retail sector. Mobile technology and virtual connectivity have prompted corporations to lease less office space, therefore impacting the office market place. These factors and many others cause corporations to look for relocation opportunities.

Deciding where to relocate is a critical and costly decision that can have lasting implications on a company’s overall performance and consequently bottom line. We provide our relocation clients with location studies in specific geographic areas, which include cost and availability of real estate, government mandatory compliance regulations, tax implications, tenant improvement expenditures and availability of move-in incentives.  In the event that our clients are looking for a complete relocation study we will engage outside professional consultants in the areas of cost of living analysis, relocation expense forecasting and policy development consulting.