Ask The Expert

Home Staging

Alex T. from Pasadena wrote to us asking about the importance of staging a home prior to a sale. In order to answer that question, I decided to seek the expert opinion of Yolanda Flanders, co-owner of NeoV, an interior design firm located in Pasadena specializing in […]

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How to decide on which investment to undertake?

There are several ways of determining an asset’s value. The most common is “market comparables” where the value of a property is determined by comparing the subject property to properties that have recently sold and that bear similar characteristics such as: physical condition, geographic area and economic […]

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Shadow Banking

As 2014 approaches, experts are divulging their outlook for the real estate housing market over the next few years. Ilyce R. Glink an award-winning author, radio talk show host and a frequent guest on CNN and CNBC wrote a very interesting article entitled “top ten real estate […]

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